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 Subjekti i postimit: Re: Utrecht-Tirona
PostPostuar: e enjte 22/07/2010 01:12 
Gjak BardheBlu
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Utrecht shkroi:
Mand_Tironci shkroi:

Welcome to our site. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of sarcasm on some of the prior comments. Our team is experiencing one of the lowest points of the last two decades due to power struggles at the managerial/ownership level. We had 4 of our best players from last year already leave the team. Therefore, the team that has been playing in the Europa League these three matches is only represented by only 3 starters from last year's team who, unusually for us, finished without any trophies. Majority of the players in our team average 22 years of age, excluding the goalie, and Sina and Ahmataj who are at the sunset of their career. Actually, any other time they would not be good enough to be bench players for our squad. But this year, things are a little different. I think this is the weakest/least experienced squad we have had in the last 10 years.

Given the current conditions, we as fans are extremely happy with our first round results. We feel that our team exceeded its expectations. As it pertains to the second round draw, we felt quite unlucky to be matched up against you guys. There seemed to be quite a few easier teams at the lower spectrum of the coefficient rankings. So, we are hoping for a draw or narrow win next week, since we would be playing home and our young players hopefully would feel more confident/comfortable.

Once again, thank you for coming to our board and congratulations on a well-deserved win.

I already had some doubts reading some comments, especially after some posts in the match thread (google translate, what a great invention :wink: ) but since I didn't know Tirona I had no idea what you guys were really like. What was wrong with your goalkeeper yesterday? That first goal was a horrible mistake and that second yellow card was plain stupid. It is such a shame to see a 27 times champion play like this, let's hope your young players will improve within a couple of years so your team is stronger again. I guess the differences between the Dutch League and the Albanian league are huge after all.

Let's hope we will see a nice game in Albania, I think it is safe to say you won't score 5 goals against us so Tirona can play without any pressure. I'm guessing we will win 0-2 next thursday because your defence looked so easy to get through and our goalkeeper only had to make one save yesterday. I think your first goalkeeper is expelled for the next match after receiving those 2 yellow cards, how do you feel about your second goalkeeper?

E_171 shkroi:
@ Utrecht

Congratulation on your big win!

We would try to do better in the next match. Hope we come and visit Tirana/Albania next week :D :D :D.

Our ultras, also called FANATICS will be there to support our team. Hope you don't miss the atmosphere.

Have a nice trip!!!

I'm sorry, I am not coming over to see the match. It is pretty far away and it will cost a lot of money to get there. It is juch a little too much to see a match which is basicly just a friendly game after that 4-0. No offence, but I think I'd rather save that money and go visit the match in the next round against Luzern, which is also a lot closer to us and reachable by car. I think there won't be many Utrecht fans in Albania next week. Lol, I'm gonna kill myself if we lose 5-0 next week, but I just can't see that happen.

Don't be so sure about your qualification, our team has worked hard last week and what's more important, we have planned to kidnap or close into airport custom all the Utrecht players. Under the threat of Ak-47, we'll manage to take all their uniforms and make enter in the game, 11 criple-middle-age men. But our players, who have been training so hard, will score 4 goals and our Rene Higuita - Nallbani, in 92 minutes, will make an own goal! So we could make your heart tremble for the result, suspence till the last minutes. Than you'll classify even you didn't play for real! :D

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