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 Subjekti i postimit: inviting your ultras group
PostPostuar: e djelĂ« 04/07/2010 13:03 
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Antarësuar: e djelë 04/07/2010 00:37
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Dear Tirona Fanatics,

My name is Max and i am one of the founders of a new web site which very soon will be central hub for all ultras around the world. We are currently in beta mode. You can read the short introduction of the site few rows below, but now i would like to point out some important proposals for your group.

This web portal already has reserved group place for all major European ultras groups. These groups are like Ultras Groups Profiles. You can upload photos, videos, have announcements, discussions etc. The FC Tirana is a new group on the site, and it is curently moderated by us, but it is our intention to have it moderated by an official moderator from your Ultras Group. If you agree and connect me with an official moderator, the group will get a status of "Official" Group on

Beside this, we are also looking for "approved" bloggers which will post regularly on the site's main Blog about their daily fans and ultras experiences. If you have a good, prooven bloger from your group you may also propose him to us. We are also looking for beta testers of the web site, so feel free to spread the word among your members.

Thank you for your time, please find bellow the short introduction to the website:

Dear Ultras,

We are glad to inform you that the long awaited web portal for ultras has finally been is the new community based portal for ultras from all sides of the World. The site is currently in beta testing mode, but very soon will be the main hub of all content and multimedia activities concerning football fans or ultras.

What is unique? Every registered site member can open and edit it's own user profile, the users can upload their personal photos, videos, post status messages and comments, upload audio songs, get in touch and connect with friends (or enemies, hehe) and also join ultras groups where group wall and discussions are open for every registered user.

Every major ultras group from Europe and the World will have it's own group on The groups which will be moderated by an official moderator of the ultras group will be properly labeled as 'Official Group'.

Group moderators can use the Announcements (or Bulletins) to publish short announcements to the group members, and also can use this space to publish some static content as Ultras Group history or similar.

Group moderators can also open and moderate Group Discussions (similar to forum discussions), organize photo albums, upload or link group videos and more...

Check Komiti Group to see examples of use of Announcemet, Discussions, Videos, Photo Albums and Group Wall Posts. is currently in the process of contacting the official representatives of the ultras groups around the world in order to hand over the moderation of their respective groups on the site. is also looking for regular bloggers which are into daily blogging of fans, ultras or hools events. We are also looking for beta testers of the site.

Everyone's invited! Ultras, Unite!

The Crew

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